Hold Overview & Technology

Our Material

In over 15 years, eGrips has developed one of the broadest climbing hold lines in the market.  We began the evolution towards polyurethane in North America and were the first to partner with the leading polyurethane production facility.  The polyurethane material that we use has always been unique and we have gone through various iterations of this mix through our long history.

The material is incredibly strong and resilient to any cracking, chipping or breaking that may be found in polyester resin holds or less quality polyurethane lines, which makes eGrips a top choice for those who consider strength, friction, durability, along with a high quality of design.


eGrips designs are produced by our incredibly experienced shaping team.  The designs are carved in foam with precision and detail.  Creating fresh climbing hold designs is what keeps us motivated and we are constantly striving to create new sets, whether as part of our First Dibs monthly subscription program, or for release at major competitions, trade shows, or other times each year.

eGrips shapers Ian Powell and Ty Foose were among the first to begin carving artistic elements into climbing hold designs, and many of our most recognizable styles have since become popular and widely copied throughout the industry.  Our holds are also designed so that the holds will be relatively friendly to the skin after repeated climbing.  Though we have many small and incut shapes that are excellent for training finger strength, you will find these generally to be among the most comfortable designs on the market.

In-cut Indicators

We use the following terms as guidelines to how you might want to use the majority of the holds in the identified set. It's up to you, the setter, the artist, the choreographer, to decide if a sloper should be used on the 90, 45 or 33 degree angle wall.

Slopey: A hold that creates an inclined line, surface or plane to a wall behind the hold. Usually held open-handed.

Flat: A hold with a horizontal surface without a slope. Usually intersecting the wall at a 90 degree. Held crimped or open-handed.

In-cut: A hold that creates a declined line or a surface of direction to the wall. In-cuts have a raised face edge that makes them easier to grip.

Sizing Information

eGrips sizes range from XS to XXXL, and though many sets may have holds with varied sizes within a set, an average range defines the size classification for each set.  Many eGrips sets are shaped with the small contours or limited placement footprints of real-rock featured walls in mind, so sets in our XS – L range will typically work very well for university and recreational climbing wall programs with these wall types.

sizing chart


eGrips are designed to be attached to an artificial climbing wall surface.  Most holds will be attached using a steel bolt, and tightening this bolt to a steel t-nut embedded into the climbing wall.  A small number of shapes called “screw-on” holds are designed to be attached directly to a wall surface with screws.

All eGrips bolt-on shapes are produced with an inset washer.  This allows ALL of our bolt-on holds to be attached with a 3/8-16 Socket Head Cap Screw (ie. the “large hex” bolt).  Some of our smaller shapes are carved with a convex recess that is designed to receive a Flat Head Cap Screw (ie.  martini, cone, or simply the “small hex” bolt) for attachment.  Using a Flat Head Cap Screw disperses the pressure applied to the climbing hold surface during tightening and also allows for a lower profile bolt attachment, minimizing the bolts use in the climbing hold as a surface for climbing.

Many customers source hardware such as bolts and screws locally and therefore we do not automatically charge more simply to include bolts in every web order.  We do, however, offer hardware for any set at a small additional cost.  Stainless steel bolts are also available for an additional cost.  Please contact an eGrips sales representative or customer service to inquire.

Color Specific Orders

We hold inventory in 8 standard eGrips colors.  If you place a regular order online you will receive sets in a range of these colors:


We can also fulfill color-specific orders of any size and can produce in a range of 8 standard colors or custom non-standard colors.  You may specify each set you order in a particular color or all sets in the same color.  There is a 10% additional charge for retail customer color-specific orders (waived for orders above $500.00) and orders must be processed directly rather than on the website.  Because of the production time needed for color-specific orders, shipment may be 30 – 45 days from order processing.  If you would like to submit a color-specific order or have any questions about colors, please email customer service or call 1-800-860-3653.


We offer a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer’s defects in eGrips climbing holds.  If you believe you have identified a problem with an eGrips climbing hold and after evaluation we confirm this to be a manufacturer’s defect, we will replace the hold at no cost or exchange for a different hold or set.  Please contact our sales representative or customer service with any warranty questions.

Grip Type

We identify 14 different grip types:



Difficulty is subjective and generally defined by the routesetter or climber, but a basic range can help you assess which hold sets are best for your desired purpose.  eGrips designs are very versatile and many shapes can be used to create routes of a wide range of difficulty levels.  For these reasons we simply assign a general range of difficulties to each set:

EASY                      MEDIUM                      HARD

Most sets will broadly cover two categories of difficulty but some sets are classified to cover all difficulty ranges.


With well over 1000 holds in the eGrips line, we have categorized the sets into various basic styles:

ARTISTIC:  eGrips Artistic style shapes represent some of our shapers’ greatest creative pursuits.  The Tribal, Dishes, and Galactic families show the amazing fine art sculptural skills of Ty Foose and Ian Powell.

GRANITE:  The Granite style sets in eGrips are generally the most “real rock” like in the line and take inspiration from the blocky rock of Rifle or Boulder Canyon, the ancient syenite porphyry of Hueco Tanks, or wild features of the Remarkable Rocks of Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

LIMESTONE:  The Limestone style of shapes covers a wide range of designs, including classic scalloped type shapes that are part of the Limestone Originals family, or the rippled shapes inspired by the brilliant tufa climbing in Mallorca.  We spell it phonetically – Myorcan TufaPinch – just for fun.

PURE:  eGrips Pure style shapes generally have minimal artistic carving.  These designs, including the “Loaves” and “Dimple Dot” families, are often the most clean and basic shapes with function and simplicity in mind.

SANDSTONE:  Our Sandstone style includes various different shapes and grip types inspired by areas such as Joe’s Valley, Horse Pens, Fontainbleau, and the Dakotas, but also include more artistic themes such as the Caterpillar and Turtle Shell families, because for whatever reason, we imagine those creatures in sandstone environments.

TRAINING:  Our training series of sets are designed specifically for training.  We have a classic line of versatile and comfortable System Tiles, and the newer Pure Power themed sets, which are designed with perfect uniformity for left/right system training but are also great as all-around shapes for everyday routesetting.


All of our shapes are categorized into ever-growing families, which are each subsets of eGrips Styles:

Bubble Wrap
Drop Art
Fun Balls

Hueco Patina
Real Hueco
Remarkable Rocks

Limestone Classic

Horse Pens
Joe's Valley
Sandstone Originals
Turtle Shell

Dimple Dot
Pure Classic
Pure Lines

Pure Power
System Training